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today was so boring....
gahh.. i wasnt feeling good this morning and kyle was gettng on my nerves and provoking me to do very evil stuff.. yes.. i did chase him into the lunch room and punched him a couple of times.....
lunch was funny.. haha me and caleb brown were like: (me) hey babe. (caleb) how are you doing? and stuff like that.. yup his new name is babe.. then cynthia was like: my sister said you could smoke a ciggarette through a straw" so i said: yeah of course! you just stick it in the butt!" then it got all silent and i said the last thing pretty loud.. and then i realized how wrong it sounded......... haha

other than that..
school was just stupid..
and when i got home..
mom started screaming at me..
what did i do?
absolutely nothing..

i was suppose to tell mrs.dickson i wasnt coming back next year but once i got in the office i got really scared haha.. she was really mean last time when i told her i didnt know if was coming back or not.. i almost cried.. gosh its so cold in my room and i think im gonna get some cake now.. yup imma pig! ew.. i just coughed up blood..
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