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haha today... we went to giant eagles!! haha you think that's no big deal right? WRONG! haha it was crazy!! My dad jumped on me EXPECTING me to give him a piggy back ride in giant eagles!! haha then he was screaming and yelling and grabbing everything he saw like a little kid!! WHOOO i felt so grown up then telling him NO NO NO!! haha hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm he sure cooked a delicious dinner for us!!

HEY YO!! IF THAT BITCH THAT LEFT THAT COMMENT IN HAYLEY'S JOURNAL IS READING THIS.. THEN FUCK YOU!! go ahead and leave a stupid comment bout tits in my back and how im so fucking retarded and cuss some more because cussin is cool ( haha thats why i doooooo itttt!!) hmm and go smoke some pot afterwards and go cut yourself.. wait no just go kill yourself cuz that shit is cool too!!much love to ya hun!!
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