Corruption is Damned (the_fiery_abyss) wrote,
Corruption is Damned


There are so many sick little fucks in this world. I really don't care if people don't believe in God, and I don't make fun what they believe in so it just pisses me off when they go and say sick things about God. And racism?! you "white people" aren't even white. you're a mix of all kind of things because of everybody coming to america so you have no right to say you're the "supreme race". the first people on earth werent even fucking white. so what if our skin color is different, it doesnt make us little freaks for you to poke and laugh at. i'm disappointed at what this world has become. i could spit out insult after insult right now but i choose to be better that.

tho i have to admit i havent been a good girl myself...
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