Corruption is Damned (the_fiery_abyss) wrote,
Corruption is Damned

Isn't she beautiful all bloody and bruised....

Tonite, we were eating and my brother brought up that thing again about how I behave myself well when I'm around other people but is all .. well not well behaved.. when i'm IN THE COMFORT OF MY OWN FRICKEN HOME! Gosh! and i even admitted to it.. SOOOOOO?? I use to be all unbehaved in public but then my brother was all like " EW! behave yourself or i'll tell mom!!" OHHH !! NOT MOM! O.O Theres no fricken way to make him happy! And then he kept saying how i was all fake! "You talk behind people's back and stuff!" Um.. yeah... everybody does that when theyre mad and stuff!!

cant stand him
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