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What would happen if a woman took viagra??

well i'm bored and my brother's still whining about his haircut and stuff and it's suuuuure getting tiring.

still mad at alex... look:
ME(10:16:55 AM): I am so mad at you! You would go and say you would miss me and Kirstie so much and yet you don't even bother trying to stay in touch with us! What? are you too cool for us again?! If you had all these cool older friends then why did you even bother talking to us lowly people?? I really did try talking to you but you wouldn't even bother answering my IMs much. Are you just going to forget all about us now?
ME(10:18:57 AM): Yeah. That's what I thought.
Session concluded at 10:18:59 AM
ALEX (10:19:04 AM): No and not all my friends are older .
i said all of that mostly because i wanted a reaction from him. and i knew he was there and he wouldnt answer me cause he started typing something then stopped. yeah what kinda answer is that. and after he said that he stopped talking. just so he knows i blocked him and almost all the people on my buddy list.

duuude what would happen if girls took viagra?! would we magically grow penises???
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